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A Boy’s Best Bet: Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge Hip

Sometimes a sling bag is all you need.


Sometimes a big day bag isn’t always the best choice to carry around a busy day. Which is why there’s always room for a small bag for those errand days and at the same time getting your hands free when you need it.classic-metallic-edge-hip-black

Balenciaga may have some note-worthy utilitarian luxe route thing going on with leather versions of usual things (like plastic or paper bags) of late, but there’s always their ever staple, ever dependable signature styles.classic-metallic-edge-hip-beige-latte

As you’d expect from Balenciaga, the bag looks the same as the City bags, only it comes in a sling form, and a much more compact size.classic-metallic-edge-hip-jaune-epi

With it’s simple form factor, it’s not surprising that it’s familiar and useful at the same time. So in case you’re looking for a weekend bag, consider this option. Even though this falls under the women’s bag section, it looks just as good on boys. You won’t regret having one.

Images from Balenciaga.

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