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Yes You Can: Chanel Coin Purse

Chanel isn’t limited to flap bags.

Chanel has an astoundingly sophisticated status that many other fashion houses can only aspire to be. High luxury, well respected, and hefty prices. It can be fun and seasonal, but there’s no question how timeless the rest of their items are.

But they don’t only sell women’s suits and flap bags. There’s a wonderful selection of small leather goods one must not pass.  Case in point: the Chanel classic (zippy) coin purse.

When it comes to Chanel, I always shy away. It’s a higher tier designer label that makes me feel a bit too young to be carrying, with the price tags competitive to higher bank accounts. I don’t feel like I belong to the Chanel club yet, but I aspire to be at some point. But, if you’re like me, it will take a while. Along the way though, practice makes me feel closer to perfect. So, when it comes to a Chanel piece, why not try with an SLG first?chanel-classic-coin-purse-interior

This Chanel coin purse comes with bits and pieces of famous elements of Chanel. The leather, the interlocked CCs, the quilting, right down to the burgundy interior. This coin purse has three sections inside, allowing you some room for perhaps several cards, folded bills, and of course, coins.

So, while you’re not yet carrying  a Classic Flap bag or a Boy bag just yet with whatever is hindering you from claiming one as your own, this coin purse is classic, quite handy, and definitely Chanel that can help you ease into the comfort and pride of having something Chanel laying around.

Images from Chanel.

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