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Printed Interior Givenchy Antigona Tote

Ok, it’s Givenchy week, and it’s lovely.givenchy-antigona-tote-5

Black bags can be so boring. And with all the bags I’ve been obsessing about this week in black and by Givenchy, coming to see this beauty with a pop color inside is refreshing.

Black goes well with everything. And is always an appropriate choice. But this bag is the choice: because the interior is a bit of a kinky, intimate flirty kick for you, the carrier, to enjoy in private. Or for others peeping into your open tote bag.givenchy-antigona-tote-2

Unlike the zippered Antigona, the Tote bags are wide open, and can be carried over the shoulders. The family is held together by the pentagon patch housing the Givenchy initials. Don’t forget the hanging zip pocket, in the feather print inside!givenchy-antigona-tote-3


Gotta love Givenchy.

Images from Luisa Via Roma.

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