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MCM Milla Is Still Alive

And I love the croc embossed version.mcm-milla-bag-1

When we first met MCM’s Milla, it was such a complicated bag but so simple to love. It has over the years become one of those under rated bags that deserve the spotlight.


Just look at how lovely they look. And the recent croc embossed ones look so wonderful. I’m glad that they’ve ditched the bi color tones that didn’t really make a splash. And hopefully the new black and gray croc embossed ones can make up for it.mcm-milla-bag-4

There’s something to note about the bag though. In case you’re not a fan of busy interiors, you’re in for a shock. Because the Milla bag is a bag organizer’s dream bag.mcm-milla-bag-3

There’s so much pockets and inserts and flaps and studs inside the bag and it makes life so much more easier, going through an otherwise abysmal bag. In love yet? So am I. Shop online or straight from the MCM store near you.

Images from Nordstrom.

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