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Loving Lanvin, and the Leather HoldAll

There’s that simplicity that’s been so complicated to find.lanvin-leather-holdall-3

I would consider Lanvin a great RTW fashion house. But a brand to buy bags from? Perhaps I would think twice. Until I found this.


It’s so crazy simple. And it’s so crazy beautiful.  Just a black bag for the cool guy that you are. Wonderful dome shape, wide zipper opening, and detachable slings.


Sometimes it makes me feel speechless to give an opinion to something that just simply makes so much sense. But even still, let me try to break it down. Why is this an awesome bag? Firstly, the zipper pulls open all the way to the sides, making it so much more accessible than something like a KeepAll.


Not a fan of hand carrying the bag? Clasp on the detachable sling and breeze in and out of your day swiftly.


Why we don’t own this bag right now is ridiculous.

Images from Matches Fashion.

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