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Luxury Notes via Hermès Ulysse

With the many digital alternatives at our fingertips, there is nothing like actually writing on paper.ulysses

Writing things down is an art I always fear would disappear. Maybe that’s why I have a constant need to keep a stack of pens with me always, and an Agenda in tow. Papers and pens are so easy to carry around, but there’s always the luxury route to keep notes in.

In comes the Ulysse PM. The Ulysse comes in four sizes actually, but the handiest size I’ve come to love over the years is the PM size. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and many other brands carry agendas in their stores, but the simplest one would be the Ulysse from Hermè

Ulysses come with a snap on spiral notebook refill, with your choice if lined or unlined, and are sold separately. The refills have a hanging snap on the back side to allow you to snap onto the back side of the agenda. Because the Ulysse is made of soft leather, the rings of the notebook will dig into the raw leather, so be aware of this in case you have not considered these things happen.teal-ulysse1

Unlike the Louis Vuitton Agendas, the Ulysse doesn’t have a pen holder. But the snap flap can hold a pen if you try hard enough.


From time to time, you can get a special double leather Ulysse. A bit sturdier, but still supple. And could come in bi-colors.


Enjoy your luxury note writing!

Images from Hermès.

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