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Jaw Drop: Louis Vuitton x Supreme

The clothes looked great! But the bags were… <insert comment here>.louis-vuitton-supreme-03

Okay. I submit, men have a boring bags to choose from. In Louis Vuitton’s catalogue, it’s a bit old and dated, and quite repetitive. However, men’s hunter complex normally lead to favoring one brand, and no matter what the brand puts out, they will spend time and money, whatever it is (and perhaps whatever the price), on the new cool item.


Is Louis Vuitton feeling like it’s becoming an old dated house? So partnering with a brand like Supreme extends their scope to rabid logo lovers for Fall/Winter 2017?


It makes sense in a way. Supreme is one of those brands that could take any generic thing (may it be a hoodie, or – literally – a brick), slap their logo on it, and sell it for an arm and a leg and make a profit.


Isn’t Louis Vuitton any different? But I always held Louis Vuitton to a higher standard, with the hundreds of years in ground breaking design to back them up, that they were above a tier than commercial brands like Supreme.


There are some interesting pieces from the collection. But the Supreme logo puts me off. Perhaps I’m too much of an old fart to be the kind of person caught up in trendy, headline making frivolous things.





It must be worth the headlines.

Images from Vogue.

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