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The Adorable Peekaboo Wallets

When it comes to Fendi, sometimes a simple turn lock can be everything.


It’s no secret how much I love the Fendi Peekaboo. So perhaps, it’s no surprise that in any shape or form it comes in, I am smitten. When I came across these wonderful Peekaboo Wallets, it made complete and total sense. And in utter naiveté wondered why it never caught my attention all this time.


It’s a bit of a compact wallet. And there’s a smaller one if you can believe it (you will see in photos below). It has a back flap that opens up from a snap, allowing you access to card slip pockets and cash notes that fit just right.


Inside the flap opens up a two pocket hole with room for thicker items, such as more stacked bills, paper stuff, and a zippered coin container if you’re the type to keep coins in the same wallet.

There’s no peek-a-booing the way the bag allows you to do, but the essence of the turn lock is there. And in its wide variety of choices, you can find one that best suits your taste for sure.


I happen to like the fact that cards and notes come in two separate compartments, so interacting with the wallet is more direct and clear. Don’t you just love them too?

Images from Fendi.

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