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Behold, the Men’s Givenchy Pandora

The iconic Givenchy bag is now available also for men.givenchy-mens-pandora-4

Perhaps, it could be considered that the Pandora put Givenchy on the world map. So it’s only natural that while the ladies enjoyed the Pandora bag slung across their bodies, us boys joined in too.


The original pandora sports a top handle that fits well enough in the arms, and comes with a sling that you can hang on your body. Top handle can convenienetly fall back giving the bag a bit simpler appearance.  Its box shape and supple leather leaves the bag softening into a diamond shaped sling that people have lusted over through the years.


I never got the Pandora bug. Mainly because of its slouchiness. My personal bag preferences keep me from the allure. The Pandora is an undeniably Givenchy piece though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to continue seeing it in circulation. So if the boys have a men’s Nightingale, wouldn’t it be nice to have a men’s Pandora too?


The bag is similar in every single way to the original Pandora, only slightly bigger. There is a more masculine and shorter top handle. There’s less hardware because of the boyish top handles, but retains all the corner zippers in the bag. The D rings and sling clasps are sharper and more geometric. And the grained leather is just as supple.


The men’s Pandora is a testament to Givenchy’s undoubtedly well honed edit skills. So with the lines blurred, I’m sure all genders can enjoy the latest Pandora piece from Givenchy. Hopefully this becomes a permanent in their catalogue!


Images from Saks Fifth Avenue and SSense.

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