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The Cutest: Bottega Veneta Boston Small Top Handle

Thes cute Boston could very well be something that you just might need.Bottega Veneta Boston Small 1.png

It’s really hard to argue, in my experience, the ease of use and functionality of a dome shaped bag with a sling. There are many choices like this, and some are personal favorites, but it doesn’t matter what brand it is. There are however, some stand out choices when it comes to uniqueness. In this case, Bottega Veneta‘s.Bottega Veneta Boston Small 3.png

There won’t ever be another brand who does woven leather as good as Bottega Veneta. As their claim to fame, and the brand’s distinguishing factor, is in fact its  intrecciato leather. woven to reinforce the bags sturdiness and structure, this beloved hand-woven leather pattern is definitely a keepsake in your cabinets.


The bag is delicately decorated with dark hardware, with a beautifully etched weave emblem clasps for the detachable sling.


As is with other dome shaped bags, the zipper opens in the middle, through two zipper pulls that open in two separate directions.


This beautiful tan color is an inspiring color, but there are many other color ways that might interest you, and BV has them in store, or online.

Images from Matches Fashion.

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