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Sophie Hulme: East West Albion Tote

Everything flagship in Sophie Hulme’s house feels and looks so good.sophie-hulme-albion-east-west-tote-front

I love Sophie Hulme. It seems the more I peek, the more I want. And there’s just no escaping it. Everytime I take a look in the intent to just look, I end up wanting to bring one home. And, even though I’ve said before that I’m not fond of East West Totes, this is so perfectly proportioned, I wouldn’t mind having one at all.sophie-hulme-albion-east-west-tote-sling

So as we move towards 2017, learn not to pre-judge a brand, a shape, a bag, (or if you wanna go deeper, a person) and think you would never. Be more open to newer things you didn’t consider you liked before, you might be wonderfully surprised.

From my blog to you, happy, happy holidays!sophie-hulme-albion-east-west-tote-modshot

Images from SSense.

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