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Squad Goals: Dior Backpacks

Sometimes, leather is not the best to carry throughout the cold season. You need textile, pronto!dior-backpacks

It’s gotten so cold. And when the air is too cold, I fear for my leather bags. Though I’m not a fan of back packs, these are great options under the snow, or any other day when you don’t wish to use a leather tote.

These canvas selections from Dior’s Backpack Winter 2016 collection should do you just right.

Darklight Canvas Dior Backpackdarklight-canvas-backpack

Red Darklight Canvas Dior Backpackred-darklight-canvas-backpack

Black and White Painted Denim Dior Backpackblack-and-white-painted-denim-backpack

Darklight Canvas Dior Backpackblack-quilted-and-embroidered-fabric-backpack


These a smart selection of backpacks from Dior too, it’s not just full of leather elegance. There are casual pieces, too!

Images from Dior.

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