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Bags I Wish I Had This Holiday Season

There’s no greater gift than love and

Happy holidays everyone! I like that every year we celebrate our successes, reflect on our failures, and take time to be with loved ones for the Holidays. Personally, I’ve had a rough, challenging year.

For me it’s been so much work to manage time between my two jobs in life. Not to mention keeping up physically and mentally with the demands. But I wasn’t alone. I’ve been going through such a journey, alongside a very talented group of people, up to the end of 2016, and I’m looking forward that we continue to grow further in the next coming years.

Was it worth it? Of course! Was it costly? Of course! So because my investments took the priority this year, my luxury wants would have to be set aside, because it’s not always just about the material things. Bags will never go away, it will always be available at any time.

There’s no replacing love, and family. I am lucky enough to have so much of both. And I couldn’t be more thankful for the good health and happy moments that went by. If I were to indulge though, that if there was nothing holding me back, there are a few that would put a tear in the corner of my eye. These luxury bags would have to wait, and my bratty selfish wants will have to be patient.

I wish I had a Fendi Large Peekaboo.


I’ve been obsessed for far too long. But the desire never fades. Though I realize this is a hot item, and this now iconic bag in particular has put Fendi into the map of the luxury handbag market. This bag sits up there in my top wish lists, and it looks to be something that will remain in the top until I get to bring home one.

I wish I had Louis Vuitton Montaigne GM in Empreinte Leather


I love monogram. But I shy away at the thought of buying a monogram Montaigne. It’s structured very differently from the Empreinte kind, and shaped a tad bit more trapeze-like than the leather monogram version. So I have an oddly biased must-have-Empreinte condition when it comes to the Montaigne bags. The bag is so alluring, and it’s much more muted than the canvas monogram styles.

I wish I had a Sac De Jour (but not so much anymore)saint-laurent-large-sac-de-jour-croc-stamped

So much drama with the Sac De Jour. I want one and will be obsessed. Then I don’t want it anymore. Making it the perfect wish list for a gift. At least I don’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse. Perhaps the bag of the day is best gifted to someone who kind of likes it, instead of buying one for yourself. I’d kill myself if I bought one then didn’t like it anymore.

You’ll notice also that it seems my taste in handbags are moving closer to the dark side. Black bags are agreeing with my eyes lately. Which is odd because I never would have imagined I have a black bag fetish until recently. But handbags aside, don’t forget the importance of love. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s the best luxury to enjoy. Share it and give it as a gift this holiday season, and the next coming days for 2017.

How are your holidays coming along? Feel free to share your bag purchases in the comments section!

Images from Fendi, Louis Vuitton, YSL.

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