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Kara Large Stowaway


So yes I am super fanning over Kara. And why wouldn’t I be? All these crossbody bags and simplicity can drive anyone to maximum madness. These unassuming bags are just so sophisticated and street that for sure your sartorials are punctuated with the right exlamation point you need for that understated wow outfit, especially on Fridays like this.


What I find about this bag so cute is it’s a top zip bag, a bag design I’m noticing I like of late. And while I’m a big bag fan, these small slings could very well make an exception in my closet.


These bags also come with a removable zipper pouch, that sits nicely in the back pocket of the bag. How convenient! So wether you want to use the pouch exclusively together with the bag, or independently on its own is totally up to you.


Small smart bags are always a great bag to have. And an extra pouch makes it even so much more valuable.Pocket In Back.png

Are you just as in love with Kara as I am?

Images from Kara.

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