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My Three Favorite Chanel Khaki Pieces

From lambskin, to canvas: Khaki is the color game.

When Pantone released the colors for 2017, the hues that caught my eye were the green ones. So it was such a joy to see Chanel’s Cuba Cruise 2016/17 with wild prints, bright pop of colors, and the ever so lovely khaki color choices that could make one green with envy.

The Cruise collection is a wide selection of bags, but it’s a dizzying array of choices. Below are my favorite bags in the lovely khaki hue, and hoping that this can help you appreciate these lovely bags, apart from the whole collection.

Classic Flap Bag with Top Handle in Light Gold Hardwareflap-bag-with-top-handle-light-gold-metal-khaki-1

Chanel experiments with tweaked styles from time to time. You’ll notice that this bag is close to a classic flap bag.  The quilting is flatter than compared to the actual Classic Flaps and Boy Bags.  And it sports a different kind of logo clasp. These bags have a top handle. And a thick chain link with a nice leather rest.

Canvas Classic Flap Bag with Bag Charmschanel-classic-flap-bag-canvas-with-charms

I’m not a fan of classic flap bags in canvas, because they’re equally or sometimes more expensive than the full leather version. But I’ll forgive this one. Beautiful bag charms (you wouldn’t be able to have the heart to pin charms yourself on a full leather bag) built into the flap, with a printed textile weave through the chain link. You have no idea that there’s a flap surprise in the bag – inside it’s printed too!

Boy Bag with Gold Hardwarechanel-boy-khaki

Ah, the Boy Bag. My most favorite of the bunch. It’s got all the usual magical parts that make the boy bag a boy bag. What makes this a takeaway is it’s not a loud seasonal trendy print like some in the Cuba Cruise 2016/17 collection. Instead, it’s  a beautifully colored bag, with an exceptionally beautiful gold hardware. I can imagine carrying this bag in either dark or light colored outfits, all throughout the year.

There’s so much more in the Cruise Collection and feel free to find favorites of your own. But for me, I’m sticking with the Khaki pieces.

Images from Chanel.


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