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Weekender Superstar: GucciGhost Duffle

Gucci Ghost Duffles is life!GucciGhost Duffle Front.png

Printed monograms are so boring, so put a painted look on them and feel refreshed. The Gucci Ghost line is an oddly beautiful lineup for Gucci. Not just bags, but many other lines too: RTW, shoes, et cetera. But there’s nothing better seeing it in big bags like the Duffle.guccighost-duffle-angled

You’ve seen similar bags before. This one though is a lovely full leather bag. What I particularly like about Gucci’s than LV’s KeepAll is the zippers run down half way to the sides, giving a wider reach in and out of the bags.guccighost-duffle-top-zip

The newere Gucci bags use a beige / flesh colored suede finish textile, which is amazing to touch. Try checking it in person, and you’ll find that it ups the luxury ante. That’s great that Gucci is doing away with their usual canvas-like lining.


Because this is a full leather piece, it’s a blessing that the full leather base holds five metal feet so it keeps the base safer from surface scuffs.

The overall bag design is simple, and the painted on monogram look just gives it a kick, making it such a fun leather piece. Don’t you agree?

Images from Gucci.

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