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Diamond Studded Hermès Kelly Rings

Kelly Rings and diamonds. *faint*kelly-ring-hero

Hermès Kelly line is anything that resembles the beautiful clasp mechanism of our favorite Kelly bags. Because of it’s beloved roots from Grace Kelly, a bag is not enough. Three are bracelets, wallets, and other jewelry like the Kelly rings.

The difference between rings like this and other accessories is: plating is not enough. Diamonds are set on full white gold, yellow gold, and exquisite rose gold. Nothing but decadence. (There are Kelly rings that don’t have diamonds, but why go basic right?)

You can opt for a modest four corner 0.02 carat diamond encrusted Kelly Rings. Or go crazy with a fully encrusted ring for the decadence.




Just like the Clic H bracelets, there are kelly rings in varying thickness. And with rings, there are thicker Kelly Rings with a four diamond setting.


In case 0.02 carats don’t cut it, and four diamonds are not enough, you can purchase an eternity looking Kelly Ring with the brighter 0.65 carat diamonds, so beautiful that you might need some shades before looking at all that ice, all 83 of them.



So in case you need some decadence floating on your finger, try and check them out online or in stores. You won’t regret it.

Images from Hermès.

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