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The Cute Kara Micro Satchels

Everything about Kara is attitude.Black Micro Satchel Front and Back.png

One of my favorite things to do is to look into new and upcoming brands that are fairly priced and wonderfully made. When Kara first came into my view, they hot piece were the backpacks similar to the bag we are featuring now, the Micro Satchel. But since I’m not a fan of backpacks, I swiped and clicked next.

But seeing this fashion line in full spectrum in places like SSense made me want to reconsider. Though the backpacks looked nice, but not liking backpacks, I came to two conclusions. One, I like their look, but I don’t like backpacks. Two, in another form factor, that bag would be

And somehow, having seen a small cross body bag like this makes my heart sing. And why wouldn’t it? Beautifully simple. Wonderfully grained. And perfectly priced (at $ 350!). Having something Kara is nothing short of a deal, and a fashion deal at that.

Kara, according to its website, is derived from the first couple syllables of the word karaoke, which in Japan means “empty orchestra.” The designer Sarah Law, is an American Chinese entrepreneur and fashion designer with roots from Hong Kong. Labelled as one of the “30 under 30” designers in Arts and Style by Forbes magazine, this fashion line alum of Parson’s School of Design (NY/Paris) is definitely marking her way into the fashion industry.


The whole attitude of the brand is so young and fresh that you wonder why you don’t have a bag from them at all!

Images from Kara.

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