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Gucci vs Gucci: Marmont Cross Body versus Soho Leather Disco Bags

In with the old and out with the new? Or out with the old and in with the new?soho-disco-vs-gg-marmont-hero

Logo emblazoned small bags are always a kick, especially if you share a certain level of love with a brand like Gucci. The brand has been in the forefront of reinvention the past several seasons, and we love them for it. But there are some older style staple pieces from the house that still sit nicely with the new current styles.


Gucci Soho Leather Disco


Gucci Marmont Cross Body

First thing’s first, the 69-ish Double Gs have changed to a different emblem design, an over lapping GG emblem, and you see it in many of the newer bags and accessories. So if in case you’re in the search for a cross body bag from Gucci, you have a choice of heritage, or fashion forward.


Soho Leather Disco front stitched older Double Gs


GG Marmont’s stitched GG logo at the bag’s back side

The Soho Leather Disco is a nice rectangularly shaped bag, with a top zip and tassel zipper pulls. It’s a beautiful grained leather bag with the older Double G style stitched to the front of the bag. The GG Marmont Cross Body bag is a similar bag. It has a hardware logo in front, and a stitched, newer GG logo at its back. The leather is smoother with less grains, making way for a chevron stitch pattern. There’s more hardware on this bag, with the hardware logo and the chains incorporated to the sling.


Soho Disco’s full leather sling


GG Marmont’s chain/leather sling

The bag opens to a wonderfully compact but spacious interiors. Obviously the slightly bigger Soho allows more room for bigger items, but the differences are very minute compared to the GG Marmont. If interior colors matter to you, it’s important to note that the Soho has a beige colored textile interior, brigther than the black interior of the GG Marmont’s.


Brighter interiors with the Soho Leather Disco


Darker interior with the GG Marmont

If you were to choose, which of the two wins it for you? I’m leaning towards the Gucci Soho Leather Disco bag, only because I’m an older Gucci fan and feel like the new GG logos haven’t proven itself as a house staple / tried and true / tested with time kind of emblem. I haven’t fully embraced it yet, and it feels like its aim is to catch Millenials in their tracks.


So, now that I sound more an old fart than I feel like I am, I’ll leave you the decision which one’s best for you. After all, you make the decisions what bag to carry!

Images from Matches Fashion.

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