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The Many Hermès H Bracelets

What’s your arm candy?h-bracelets-hero

Hermès bracelets are amazing little (or in some cases, big) things that you can dangle over your arms and give you an instantly amazing look. There are several different kinds of Clic H bracelets, with minute naming differences. So in case you are interested in starting your collection, or picking the right one for you, here’s an attempt to help catalogue which one’s which.

Almost all of the bracelets have four major different base color plating: palladium, palladium with lacquered H (giving the letter a white face plate), yellow gold, and the beautiful rose gold. The band of the bracelets are enamel covered, and there is a huge selection of varying colors, allowing you room for a collection.

Clic H

The narrow, half inch width bracelets (and my personal favorite), are thin enough for a subtle Hermès mark. And if one isn’t enough, it’s thin profile allows several on the arm to stack on.


Clic Clac H

Clic Clac H’s are one inch wide versions of the Clic H. So it’s a bit thicker, and makes a bit more of a bolder statement, with the obviously bigger H logo. It’s a beautiful cuff piece, and just as elegant.


Clic H Extra Large

These are definitely arm candy statements! With a width of 2″, an exceptionally extended H, making it feel like it requires an extra kick of confidence to carry around.


Clic HH

Most of these bracelets may be found in the women’s section. Which doesn’t bother me as much. Most jewelries are geared towards the female clientelle. But if you’re concious of labels, there are men’s Clic H bracelets, called Clic HH. Palladium hardware too, and I haven’t seen them in yellow or rose gold, nor have I seen them with a lacquered H. However, the boys do get to enjoy a sleeker H font, with a brushed metal finish.


So in case you’re looking for something to stack and hang on your arms, try some Clic H bracelets from your favorite Hermès stores.

Images from Hermès.

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