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Yes Please: Sophie Hulme Albion Square Tote

When you find a new favorite, it’s hard to stop obsessing.

Sophie Hulme‘s stamped their mark into the hand bag market, by way of square totes and the undeniable gold plates that make it oh so Sophie. Yes we love the Holmes, but nothing beats the original Albions.


There are deep and wide Albions, but they look a bit odd compared to the Square Totes. They are so proportional and perfectly sized, with all the bells and whistles and yet still remain simple. Not just that, you can carry it by hand, or sling it over if you need to.

Aside from being so darn cute, they are very functional too. Two rolled leather handles on top, and an open mouth for easy access. Without sacrificing security, you have a zippered top pocket for your sensitives.albion-square-tote-charcoal_4

You have a ring in front of the bag so you can clasp a nice bag charm and put it right smack out front. This ring in front is a design cue that you can see in many other bags from Sophie Hulme, like the Finsbury.albion_square_tote_charcoal_2

In case you like to carry bags hands free, there’s always the dependable leather sling to clip on when you need it.albion_square_tote_charcoal_3

There are some seasonal, embellished versions of the bag, but you can count on their neutrals and plain leather choices, like the ones below.


Images from Sophie Hulme.

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