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Enjoy The Fendi Men’s Messengers

It’s basically a DotCom and By The Way put together and made bigger.fendi-messenger-5

Anything oversized is being categorized as a Men’s bag. So it’s quite satisfying to see a bag reinvented where two of the hottest bags from Fendi is reincarnated for the men’s department and translated well on its own.


Fendi DotCom Bag

By The Way.png

Fendi By The Way Bag

Though I’m not particularly interested with either the DotCom or By The Way bags, but I do like bags that have a built in mini pouch that you can detach in case you need to downsize.  And somehow, in the men’s incarnation of essentially the same design, I find it much more interesting than the women’s style.


The men’s bags have much more prominent zippering on top and out in front. The front pocket opens up to a detachable pouch, and has a nice small Fendi Faces detail we’ve seen before. The pouch is a nice pop of color that just peekaboos from the small hole in its holder.


As if you hadn’t had enough of zippers, there’s a flapped zipper at the bag to help conceal any important items you prefer close to your body.


The sides have a nice clasp that allows an extended zipper room so you can pry the bag open wider. I suppose it’s half meant to be decorative also, so you can let the bag flap on the sides or keep it primped up while clasped down. There is also a cross body sling to own up to the name messenger. It is a messenger after all!


This is where its By The Way origins show the most. The top handles are studded in a slit cut leather handle that allows you to pull it up or flatten it down on the bag.

Fendi’s got a good harmonization of their bag line ups. And they pick up on design cues from within their library of wonderfully well edited selection of bags to come up with new, innovative ones. The results are amazing, and it could change one’s mind (like me) to favor this hybrid bag choice from Fendi. Hoping it helps you choose your next new bag too.

Images from Fendi.

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