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An Ode to the Prada Galleria

Prada keeps trying to outdo itself, but they’re forgetting where they’re strong.Prada Galleria Hero.png

We don’t talk enough about Prada. Because, of recent seasons, the new bags they’re trying to push to the market seem to be trendy rather than classic. There’s nothing wrong with being trendy and trying new things, but it feels like all the established good ones the house offers are getting the back seat, when it could very well be the staple that keeps the brand alive.


Prada Galleria in Marble color

Does the Galleria still allure you? It’s Prada’s iconic work bag that many have fawned over years and years ago, and they still pop up in the arms of fashionistas from time to time. The perfect work bag, with just the right knick knacks that make it both fun and beautiful, has elevated to a sort of staple. It’s easily, identifiably, and definitely, a Prada. But we don’t hear much about it because Prada seems to be so desperate chasing after the “It Bag” status, when in my opinion they are stronger in their classics.


Prada Galleria in Baltic Blue color

The Saffiano leather is a light, scratch resistant leather that feels smooth to the touch. In some ways it feels a bit like plastic or smooth rubber, and some people tend to have opposite opinions about it. I personally don’t see anything wrong with Saffiano, and won’t fear baby wiping it in situations I need to.


Prada Galleria in Cocoa Brown color

The bags come in silver or gold hardware, depending on what’s most appropriate for the leather color. And I love that there’s so many color choices, sizes, and variations on the Gallerias to keep us entertained and diverse enough in the streets when we carry our Pradas around.

I just hope that we see more Gallerias in the future, because there’s no beating the status of this once highly heralded bag, even after all these years.

Images from Prada.

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