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Fun Fendi Continental Wallets

Wallets are important bag keepsakes. So why not keep a fun, funky one in tow?

Aside from the plain, zip around continental wallets for purchase from Fendi, there are embellished ones that gives that pop to that wallet your lugging around. Whether it’s the bold color, or the embellishments, these wallets will make you enjoy where you keep your cards and cash.

Fendi Bag Bugs Continental Wallets

Who doesn’t love Fendi’s Bag Bugs? It’s very seldom to hear anyone over it. The amount of love for these fierce eyes is incalculable. And if you can’t commit to a bag sized face, then maybe a wallet will do.


Fendi Faces Continental Wallets

Debuting recently for A/W2016, we saw the Fendi Faces (some pieces referred to by the Fendi site as Crayons), serve as an iteration, just in case you are tired of the fierce eyed bugs. They come colored and studded making it a bit more dimensional than the Bag Bugs. Definitely cuter.


Karlito Continental Wallets

The most fabulously embellished in all three. Where would Fendi be without Karl Lagerfeld, really? So it’s only befitting to have super studded, furred up Karlito homage wallets, in beautiful leather choices.


So if you’re in the look-out for some funky wallets, hop onto Fendi and grab your favorite.

Images from Fendi.


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