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Do You Like Contrasting Colors: Montaigne GM Marine Rouge

We definitely love the Montaigne GM. But do we love this color way?montaigne-gm-marine-rouge-hero

I’m not entirely sure if the colorway of Vuitton’s Montaigne in Marine Rouge is a seasonal color (it could very well be!). I’m not entirely sure if I wrote a statement saying I’ve only seen this kind of color during the holiday season. Limited edition bags works two ways – it could entice you to buy a special, rare bag and keep a unique time capsule for when you bought it (not me), or it could drive shy, classic color buyers  away (me).

Navy blue Empreinte leather, with a red glazing in all the tips of the bag. It’s such a beautiful color combination. But glazed corners can only go so far. Perhaps safer colors are easier to maintain because they blend into each other. The Noir Montaigne has black glazed corners after all, so it’s not something highlighted as a bag detail. And in case there’s some touch ups that need to be done, it’s easy to Sharpie it away to the black abyss or get it treated by your favorite leather cobbler.


But a red glazed bag is something else. It will get dents and discoloration over time, and any glazing specific issues is completely aside from the bag’s over-all leather hue. So despite the amazing end-to-end color scheme of navy blue and red, it might make you jump right on in all the way to the counter with this bag boxed and ready to go home with you, or push you away to the normall, all-season staple colors.

I wish I was more adventurous! But I hope this helps you find the bag you like this holiday season!

Images from Louis Vuitton.

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