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Sling It With Sophie: Finsbury Shoulder Bag

It’s like a long lost friend you suddenly found.finsbury-hero

Obsessed! The Finsbury shoulder bags are the cutest and rather understated bags that you can reward yourself with this year. Let’s set aside the lovely Holmes bags for the meantime. Sophie Hulme has introduced this AW16 a wonderfully simple bag that fills the void of your small leather flap bag needs without completely breaking the bank. Even if you go exotic.

Finsbury Full.png

Finsbury comes with a modest color selection. So whether you like the muted blacks and grays, or pinks, or even a python version, you’ll be sure to have a sleek wonderfully functional bag that you can take with you day or night.


Gray Python Finsbury Shoulder Bag

This top handle is genius. Not only does it allow you to carry the bag by hand, but it also serves as a distinguishing feature across many flap bags, they’re normally set to only be for the shoulder or cross-body.


As Sophie Hulme bags go, you’ll see it plated with big flat hardware across the top and on the sides. It comes with a detachable sling so you can go hands free when you need to. What’s great about this bag is it looks good enough to use as a top handle bag in itself, and looks just as sexy as carried cross-body.


Finsbury bags come with a free Googly Dot Charm that you can clip on or clip off as you like.

If you like bag charms, you can use the free Googly (eye) Dot Charm the bag comes with at each purchase. You can buy more straight from Sophie Hulme, or the many choices out there, like your favorite Fendi Bag Bugs.


Don’t be surprised that the leather interior shows the studs keeping the plates in tact. And honestly, it just adds to the details of the interior. Inside are internal slip pockets for smaller items, and the rest of the bag is just spaciously alright, for just the right stuff. It’s amazing sometimes to think why smaller brands can make leather interiors and exotic skins without putting so much of a premium in the prices, the way other brands are penchant to do.

In love yet? I know I am. Shop at Sophie Hulme’s website or stores carrying the brand, like Nordstrom in the US!

Images from Sophie Hulme.

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