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Luxury Logo Belts

If you like monograms, do you also like logo leather belts?Logo Belts HERO.png

Every sartorial requires fine details. And one way to put it together is a nice leather belt that holds your top and trousers together. I happen to be fond of monograms, so let’s look at three famous initials that might serve you well. My choices are simple: must have a monogram, should be gold or silver tone hardware, and features (yes these belts have features – to be discussed below.

Hermès Belt Kit 32MM

There are also 42MM ones. These point to the width of the belts. I much prefer a 32MM one over the 42MM ones because they’re more unisex than just for Men’s (too much). There are gold and silver choices, with many finishes and buckle plates. But I much prefer a big honking H from all the choices.

These buckles are interchangeable. I’m not entirely sure if you can buy them separately. So please do let me know in case you have info, and I will check with the store in my search for a belt this holiday season. But these buckles can be unclipped and slided off the leather because one of the features of this belt is it’s reversible. You can front the black, and the next time reverse it and front the chocolate color. More color combinations are available, and you can punch wholes in it if you need to.


What I love about this Belt Kit is it’s removable buckle and many choices in the hardware finish, because I’m the type who like to jewelry-coordinate my golds and silvers.

Louis Vuitton Initiales 40MM Reversible Belts

It goes without saying: the LV monogram is highly recognizeable. So it’s no surprise to see an LV buckle belt from the French fashion house. These belts also come with a removable buckle that you can slide off and clip into another belt strap.

I’ve also yet to find out if one could simply purchase the buckle so that you can make your choice of gold tone or silver. The good thing here is the belts are also reversible. So you buy one belt, but you get two looks. If you can buy a different color tone buckle, then you instantly get four looks, just like the Hermès Belt Kits.


I much prefer the LV Initiales belts in plain leather. It’s easy to go overkill with monogram on monogram. That’s too much, man!

Gucci Leather Belt With Double G Buckle

These are simply beautiful. I thought Gucci’s new double G icon/logo veers too far away from the classic. But it’s grown on me. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Though the look is the best from the other two options, I thought there are two things about this belt that leans it to some cons.

First, the buckles aren’t removable or interchangeable. So the hardware and leather color choices is it. You want a different colorway? Buy a whole new other one. Second, because the buckle is fixed, the belt therefore is not reversible. The good thing is you can opt for a gold tone or silver tone buckle, and there are many leather options to choose from.


If only there is a reversible Gucci buckle belt, I’d be all in for Gucci.

Belts are important to me because I tend to tuck my dress shirt in, for most of the time, and it’s very important that in my one purchase, I can get two looks. I also like the option of buying buckles so that I can exponentially expand my color/bag/shoe/jewelry coordination. And it doesn’t hurt to have a logo in your waist with your simple outfit.

Do you like luxury logo belts? And if so, which ones from the list did you like the most? Did I miss any? Sound off in the comments if you wish.

Images from Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton.


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