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Mark Cross Grace Large Box

Beautiful, everyday large mini trunks.mcglb-hero

When you say mini trunks, you’d normally think Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle. And when you say Grace Kelly, you’d normally think about Hermès Kelly. But what if I told you these two elements can be found in one bag?


This post is about the Large Grace Box (but small bag fans can rejoice with the Mini and Small sizes). It was inspired from the movie Rear Window, where Grace Kelly uses an Overnight Case, and modified with a more modern function, complete with a cross-body sling.mark-cross-grace-large-box-1

The beautiful bag is simply a graceful take on a box. And its top clasp is plated with 18k gold that you can lock, justifying a key fob slash bag charm. It sits nicely on its base or its side, just like a trunk. In fact, the clasp is located to read the right way when you plop it down on its side.mark-cross-grace-large-box-6

All sides of the bag is simple, there are no pockets or little slits to insert stuff to. Everything goes inside the bag. So the over all look is nothing but a simple slate of wonderful Saffiano leather.mark-cross-grace-large-box-4

It opens to a nicely, brightly colored contrasting red leather interior. And that’s were all the magic happens. You can open the bag from the top and not fear your things dropping over to the sides because there’s a leather flap on the sides. Or open the bag on its side and reveal the contents like a trunk as pictured below. There is a concern about your things sloshing around inside this bag, so you better pouch up. One thing to note with trunks’ side flaps, they fold inwards and cut through into your stuff or simply get in the way on your inside stuff.


It’s an overall cute bag from a fashion house who’s been in the business for more than 170 years. There are many color options to choose from, and from time to time, some funky prints to play with. This bag’s one of the few stand-out pieces that may not necessarily be what hordes and hordes of fashionistas are carrying in their arms.


Images from Barney’s.

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