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Tote It Up: Croc Trimmed, Suede BV Duffel Bag

A sizeable tote that has a two way look is just what you need.duffel-bag-in-ash-suede-caiman-details-in-pacific-6

Sizeable totes are always a great bag to carry around. They can carry a ton and are very functional. So Bottega Veneta’s simple duffel bag is not only a great big bag, but also a great usable bag. And, just like the Convertible tote, this is one of those bags that come with fluid appearances, letting you carry it in several form factors.


The mouth of the bag comes with an elongated zipper top that extends all the way to the sides. You can clasp it shut on the buttons at the side bottom of the bag, making it look like a mountain-shaped leather bag, and ensuring your items inside are tucked securely. But this isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, they also serve another function. The side buttons at the tip of the zippers are detachable, because you can carry the bag with wings and extend the sides for more room, allowing the bag to take on a different look.


Ash suede bags have a tendency to be boring. So having a touch of pacific blue, exotic leather trimmings makes this simple, neutral bag pop-up with just the right amount of color to make it a stand-out accessory.

The colored trimmings are caiman, an exotic leather from a reptile closely related to alligators and crocodiles, and the double rolled handles have the signature Bottega Venenta Intrecciato weaving.


So whether you prefer a closed up trapezoidal shaped bag, or a deep, open, wide-mouthed tote, you can carry the BV Duffel Bag whichever way you like.


Images from Bottega Veneta.

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