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Double Take on the Hermès Kelly Double Tour

And you’ll thank yourself for it.kdtghw-hermes-leather-bracelet-in-swift-calfskin

Hermès is an intimidating store to walk into. Their products are amazing to look at, and infamously expensive. Perhaps that’s why it’s easy to put the store up to a pedestal, and in many ways I feel like I have to work my way up in order to come out with an orange box.


As I write this, I am a person who thinks twice before coming into Hermès. It makes me feel insecure not being able to justify a purchase of things I like, like a Kelly Longue Wallet for one. But, I found a way to fight my insecurities away.


Often times we think about big ticket items when it comes to Hermès. Maybe we forget that they have an amazing selection of varying items that could be useful in your everyday lives, and not necessarily in the five figure price tag. Case in point: leather bracelets.

One of my favorites are the Kelly Double Tours. They sport the signature turn lock you see in Birkins and Kellys, and many other items available in Hermès. There are other bracelets too, but we’ll talk about them another time.


They come in a variety of colors, leathers, hardware, that should be more than enough to make you feel comfortable building up your Hermès collectibles. There are people who have a vast collection of these. Kelly Double Tours are decently priced, and can help you form a bond with the brand, and make you feel good when you need to.

For sure my Kelly Double Tour makes me feel special and wonderful every time I use it. Making me feel a bit less insecure when coming inside an Hermès boutique. And in case you also want to work in getting comfortable with the store, try some of these on. When I first got a Kelly Double Tour, it made me feel silly being intimidated in the first place. It’s just a store, with a staff so happy to have you there. There’s no reason to feel like you don’t belong there, even if your intention is just to look at their items.

Hope you enjoy your Hermès shopping! I hope to have more in the future for sure.

Images from Hermès.


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