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Finally in Full Leather: Fendi Bag Bugs Leather Tote

There are totes. And there are full leather totes.fendi-bag-bugs-leather-tote-1

We love these totes from Fendi. But often they are made of nylon with only leather trimmings. Sure the prints are fun, and they stand out rather nicely in a sea of plain colored bags, but there’s no replacing the joy of carrying a full leather tote.


And it’s not just a tote, it’s a Bag Bug tote. These adorable monster eyes, and makeshift zipper mouths has been several years running for Fendi. And although there are the new Fendi Faces this 2016 Fall/Winter season, the Bag Bugs have placed themselves in the minds and aspirations of of Fendi’s many fans.fendi-bag-bugs-leather-tote-3

Its usual trappings doesn’t make it a boring piece. Totes’ strengths come from being an easy access dump bag. So having an open tote with a wide room for a lot of stuff is an amazing daily bag.

Fendi Bag Bugs leather tote (5).jpg

If in case you’ll be using it for work and the Bag Bug face is an out of place design detail, be glad to know that the bag side is in plain leather, so that might help conceal your Bag Bug gusto from boring big suits.


So in case you prefer full leather over nylon totes from Fendi, make sure to grab a hold of this one. I very rarely see them come out in full leather.

Images from Matches Fashion.

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