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Like A Boss with the BV Intrecciato Leather Briefcase

Bagging briefcases like a boss.bottega-veneta-intrecciato-leather-briefcase-1

Briefcases are normally thin and narrow, so seeing the Intrecciato Leather Briefcase, signature look of Bottega Veneta, with a wider base, and a lovely boxy frame, it feels a bit more contemporary than the usual classic briefcases you see with BV.


Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato

Its lovely woven exterior is just what you’d expect from Bottega Veneta. The very little hardware is wonderfully matte gray, so nothing shiny will grab attention to the meticulously woven leather if it were gold or silver, which is a refreshing, gentlemanly surprise.


The lovely double rolled handles makes the bag easy to carry by hand, and if you fancy carrying things cross-body, then you can clasp on the leather sling that the bag comes with. The gussets have a unique placement of the rings and it goes through several pieces of leather, like an exotic body piercing. I can’t quite explain it, but feel free to look at it yourself on some of the mod shots below.


Briefcases are normally a very organized, compartmentalized bags. So it’s no surprise to see that the bag has a few zippers and several pockets so you can sort your documents and work items inside.



With a wider base, this briefcase feels more than just a work bag, but also a great everyday/any day bag, making the investment of having this bag in your closet a well-spent purchase with many years of use in your life.

Images from Mr. Porter.

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