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#PersonalBlogPost: Bag Blogging Boy

I’ve been thinking about what to write for today’s post, and I thought I’d like to put the focus on the Boy and not just the wonderful Bags I cover.

I’d to share a bit about me and help put a story why I ever started this site anyway. So in case you’d like to know more about me, read on. Thanks!

One thing I’d like to send up straight: I’m not rich.

And I’m not pretending to be one. There are people out there though who are genuine collectors, and impulse buyers of bags left and right and that’s always an amazing thing for me to read about and see. Good for them!

But I’m just like the rest of the 99%. Once a year (or twice, if I’m lucky), I treat myself a bag if I can. I work all the time, so having the time to shop and the act of shopping is actually a luxury to me. Thank goodness for schedules, because I have to book myself to drop by a store – any kind of store.


Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 35

I don’t come from a rich family. I don’t have a family of my own. As with any adult, I make sure to make a living. All my bills are paid. So spending on a few luxury items here and there doesn’t feel like an expense at all, but rather a celebratory milestone I use to mark some form of success one way or another.

My unlimited passion for bags doesn’t compare to my limited budget for buying them. So before making a purchase, I make sure I want and will use the bag I’m getting, against all other choices from the several brands I like. I’m not the type to buy then sell a bag, because I put a lot of thought and make sure that I will be using the bag I spend so much money on. So if and when I decide to buy a bag, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and reviewing information about an item. Purchasing is the culminating activity from months (or even years) of brooding obsessively.


Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

Maybe that’s why I write so much about bags, because in case you’re like me: you’d be jumping from one website to another, reading and doing tons of research before buying a bag, I hope some of my blog posts are helpful in your journey to your next bag!

I don’t see myself as a fashion blogger.

Sometimes you look at fashion bloggers, and wonder why they have so many clothes or bags at their disposal. Don’t be consumed too much by it. (I should know, I would envy their charmed, fabulous lives days on end if I didn’t keep myself in check!). One thing to note is: don’t believe everything you see. In the world of appearance, we often forget to look deeper than what we see. Sometimes the clothes on other people’s backs, or the bags in other people’s arms are on loan, or if they’re lucky: gifted. It’s nice to have an organized photo-shoot, on location, under the perfect weather, with the perfectly curated bag in tow, but they don’t always get to bring the bag (or clothes) home to call their own.


Gucci Bamboo Shopper

I have a desk job in an office, and a co-owner of a small, local men’s fashion business on the side. Surely I keep track on fashion trends and keep up with high end designers and fast fashion style houses. But I would never be able to consider myself a fashion blogger. Indeed, I write about bags, but that’s just one aspect of the many facets of fashion. A fashion blogger would be touching on all facets of fashion, and I’m far, far from even half of it.


Coach Bleecker Tote with Nubuck Stripe

Also, I’m not fond of taking pictures of myself too much, unlike a fashion blogger. I would sometimes snap pics for Instagram, but the photos focus more on the colors and combinations of clothes I wear (hoping it works), and maybe someone might like if they’re looking for what to wear with what bag.

I have a very modest bag collection.

Luxury bags are my way of affirming that I’ve made something of myself. Why bags and not anything else? Well, in my adult life, bags were always my mobile companion. They hold important documents to allow you to work. They hold the wallet that allows you to purchase things you need. They hold the keys to the house that keeps you warm and rested. I don’t buy high-end designer clothing, that’s a whole different conversation in itself, but a luxury bag is something you can carry everyday, anywhere; it’s a piece of luxury that you can just feel and hold with your hands.

Over the years I suppose I will end up with a ton of bags to use, meriting a custom made closet I’ve always dreamed of – à la Carrie Bradshaw/Sex and the City the Movie. But I’m in no rush or have any sort of solid plan to go about building a “luxury” closet. I’m just enjoying the bag hunt (serving as my motivation to work harder everyday!) and look forward to my next bag purchase if I can.

For now I have about six bags that I rotate (a few leather non-brand bags also that I use from time to time). I change bags weekly, so I get to focus on each bag in my handful collection seven days a week, allowing me to play with my wardrobe with it. In-between I get to use my very small set of yellow gold and silver/white gold jewellery because I tend to use the right color tone accessories matching the bag hardware.


Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag

My bags are always lined with Samorga bag organizers. I have about four of them with varying sizes, and luckily I have enough that fits from one bag to the other. They help keep the bags stand up better, serve as some form of base shaper when necessary, and help keep the bag corners from collapsing in itself (especially in non-structured bags). Just like how much I care about my outward appearances, I just as much care about the daily essentials inside my bags.

From time to time, I would shop small leather goods, mostly from Louis Vuitton: a Brazza Wallet, an LV Small Ring Agenda (PM size), a Zippy Coin Purse, my favorite LV 6 Ring Key Holder. I have a cosmetic leather pouch from Coach I got free when I bought my Bleecker (awesome deal!), and a bunch of other odds-and-ends leather pouches, neatly arranged in my bag organizer so I can avoid digging into an endless abyss of things.


Givenchy Antigona

I have some sort of philosophy surrounding small leather goods, bag organization, and general bag upkeep, and maybe I can talk about in my next #PersonalBlogPost. But for now this post is long enough and it should allow us to focus more on the Bags than the Boy who writes about them.

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