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Canvas, Cutouts, Calfskins: Spring 2017 Céline Phantoms

Phantoms are driving me mad. In a bad way.


Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag in Powder Baby Grained Calfskin

Spring 2017 is now up online in Céline Paris’s website. While last season there were no Phantoms in circulation, it seems to have come back. Much more demure than 2016’s collection. But just as disappointing.

Why do I say this? I missed the hype of Phantoms. When the Luggage was the hottest bag in the streets some years ago, I always looked into the Phantoms because they looked familiar, yet behaved and spoke a different language. But as the years went by, micro versions became the hot thing, and Phantoms started to fade.


Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag in White Textile with Calfskin Border

The most confusing thing about them is, they reverberated to many consumers who still desired and longed to purchase the bag. But most of these desires focus on the plain, full leather versions. So paying premium dollars on leather trimmed bag primarily made of canvas left me with a bag taste in my mouth, and a hand bag void hanging in the crook of my arm.


Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag in Black Natural Calfskin Cut Out

So when the 2017 campaign came out, I was a bit excited, because maybe – just maybe – the Phantoms might get the love Céline used to give the bag line a long time ago and give me a reason to honor the nostalgia of the Phantom hay days of yester-years. But to my surprise, it felt like a second-guessed, by-product. And such a disservice to Phantom fans (if there are any like me remaining out there).

So does the 2017 collection make you feel like you want to add a Phantom to your cabinet? I guess canvas, cutouts and calfskin doesn’t make my heart flutter so much. Perhaps I should accept that the bag has passed me by and I should give up the yearning.

Images from Céline.

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