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Everyday Essentials: LV 6 Key Ring Holder

Any adult with keys needs something like this, one way or

Keys are dangerous little devils. They cling and clang and make sounds. They have sharp edges that could poke on your wallets. They rub against your bag’s interiors. And on occasions: can  even scratch a phone screen. You can’t just leave your keys at home. These are one of the few things we have to keep with you in person so you can go in and out of your doors and locked drawers.


So to keep them intact, we need to put them somewhere where they can stay put, and whip them out when we need to use them. Case in point: the Louis Vuitton 6 Key Ring Holder. There are many other key ring holders out there – from luxury brands to department store brands.  So there are many options to choose from if in case you want to stow your keys in some pouch or another. But I like Louis Vuitton. And this is the one I thought to have for myself.


There are several key holders LV offers. So you can review them online or in stores. I stuck with the 6 Key Ring Holder in monogram canvas. I much prefer the dimensions and form factor of the 6 Key Holder to any other key-related SLG from Louis Vuitton. There are fancier, more colorful ones in other prints, with painted canvas or full leather ones like Epi, so you’ll have lots of styles to choose from in case monograms are not your style.


As of this writing, I’ve had this key holder for four years. It gets used everyday and it does it’s job well: keep the keys in tact, whip out the keeps when I need it. Over the years its held up okay – definitely doesn’t look brand new (especially in the interior), but it’s a good looking four year old SLG (the exterior still looks nice). I place it next to my coin purse, and it sits nicely in one of my bag organizer‘s pockets. I mind where I place my SLGs, so I’m careful where to put it down, and where I put it in my bag, making sure that it doesn’t get buried or snagged by other items inside.


When you whip a key out for use and perform the usual key turns to say a doorknob, the keys and hooks will rotate to the direction you twist it to, so you can freely work your way through a keyhole while letting the rest of the holder’s body to suspend and hang. So all these moving parts end up rubbing and tarnishing the gold toned hardware. Don’t be surprised that they will rub off, turn black, lose the shimmer, et cetera. That’s just what happens when you rub two metal parts together.


And in relation to metal parts, keys rubbing against leather is also another thing. I’m not sure about the science behind it, but it’s only natural for metal parts to mark against leather, causing some discoloration and digs into the surfaces leaving imprints, something I was completely expecting to happen from day one. Surprisingly, it took a really, really long time before it took on what it looks like now, and honestly, it’s not that bad.

So in case you’re considering where to put your keys, this 6 Key Ring Holder is a good choice. And I highly recommend it. Just don’t expect it to be pristine as years go by, it will definitely get worn. It’s not a quality issue from Louis Vuitton like some would claim: it’s just the nature of things to wear with use. Love it!

Buy now from Louis Vuitton.


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