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Two In One: Gucci Pouch/Messenger Bag

We love versatile bags that have several ways of carrying

Leather trimmed, Gucci web details, monogrammed coated canvas. It’s true: everything Gucci is gold.  And it’s hard not to gawk at the catalog of this well celebrated fashion house.


By itself, it’s a nice document holder or pouch you can carry  by hand or pit between your arms and torso. Having a nice leather base makes it so good to hold by hand. And having an extra sling makes it so easy to switch to a cross body bag, making it even easier to breeze in and out of throughout your day.


The iconic Gucci web detail of green and red stripes is ever so present, making it unmistakably Gucci of course. And just to avoid the usual trappings of a boring bag, Gucci added a star decal push lock where the flaps close. Inside opens to a nice compact interior with slip in pockets and a zippered one to boot, allowing you a decent room for organization in its modest bag space.


The small creative knick knacks they add into Gucci bags make it feel like a special piece, without making it a trendy piece that will go away after a season or two. The classic  Gucci monogramming allows the bag to be timeless, so even if this is a seasonal item, you won’t go out of style next season, or in the many years this bag will serve you. What then, I wonder, do you call a trendy classic?

Images from Mr. Porter.

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