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Stylin’ Suede: Saint Laurent Camera Bag

Does anyone ever actually carry cameras anymore, with all the iPhones of the world? But if camera bags look like this, I’d carry it anyway (sans cameras).saint-laurent-suede-camera-bag-1

If camera bags mean to telegraph wide depth messengers, then to hell with the piece of bulky electronic equipments and to heaven of wide spaced bags. Saint Laurent’s Camera Bag in suede should do more than enough with DSLRs, but it does more than enough with style as a bag in itself.


The bag design features a flat, top zippered style, and a buckled pocket out front. The suede exterior offers a very rugged appearance all over, and it would look so good to age. Many suede bags get color transferred especially the back, as it slings across your denim jeans or deep color shirts.


When you’re getting a suede bag, it’s not something you mean to baby. Being extra conscious about not getting a suede bag dirty is like keeping ice cream from melting under the sun. You just half to lick it till you finish, and tissue off the drips from your hands. Let it age, let it scuff and stain, and it’s going to age wonderfully.


When it comes to suede bags, it’s always great to have a smooth interior. The smooth leather interior also allows you some peace of mind because suede tends to flake and it falls into your phone creases and wallets. Looking into the suede Camera Bag, you’ll find a nice natural colored leather with convenient pockets.


All in all, the suede Camera Bag is a great one to hang around yourself as you go through your daily grind. Want one? Head on to Mr. Porter and shop now.

Images from Mr. Porter.

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