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Printed Soft GG Supreme Totes

Oodles and oodles of prints over coated canvas GG Monograms.

It’s no surprise to see Gucci with a dizzying array of prints. A busy print is probably something that doesn’t ever make the house shy away from. To those who appreciate it, it’s nothing short of art, on top of the Gucci monogram.



Gucci Bengal Print all over the front, and back.

We discussed about Prada’s and Louis Vuitton’s vertical totes. Beautiful and simple. So in case you want to walk out the door with a stand out tote on your arm, go Gucci.


The soft totes are flat and thin, and this bag stands in its own thanks to Gucci’s sturdy coated canvas. They also come with leather shoulder slings.


They come with a lovely deep interior. They are open totes but they close with magnets. Gucci’s magnets tend to pair very strongly, so it’s a good pull to open them apart. Careful with your cellphones and watches though, they could get snagged into the magnets and mess up electronics. Which could be something you might face with this bag, given the zippered pockets are right below the magnet flaps.

In case the Bengal prints are not enough, you will find many other great, bold prints in this form factor.


Tiger Print


Bee Print


Snake Print


Snake Embossed Full Leather Tote

A more sophisticated full leather version is also available, but just so it doesn’t fall behind the rest of the prints, it has snake embossing. Gucci just won’t let up, and you should very well expect and embrace its prints at this point.

Images from Gucci.


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