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Bamboo’s Back with Gucci’s Nymphaea Bags

Gucci’s bringing back their love for bamboo.Nyphea Bags.png

For the most part of 2016, we’ve seen Gucci give birth to many, many bags. They’re beautiful yes. But it felt like a departure from its old school heritage to what we now know as Alessandro Michele’s creative direction. Perhaps Gucci was bordering boring before it was so wonderfully revived by Alessandro.

I was and still am in love with the Gucci Bamboo Shopper. As of this writing, it is no longer available in the US Gucci website. Nor do I see it displayed in stores as it used to, so prominently.


Nymphaea (Double Bamboo) Leather Top Handle bags come with full leather straps.


Nymphaea (Single Bamboo) Leather Top Handle Bag comes with blue/red nylon Gucci Web shoulder straps.

But when I came upon the Nymphaea leather top handle bag, my fears that Gucci has abandoned bamboo has been put to rest. I thought it was just a blip seeing bamboo in the Dionysus line, but it looks like it was just one of the several bamboo items we can see this year.

The Nymphaea bag comes in two flavors, and by face, it’s a bit deceiving. There is a double bamboo top handle with a wonderful interior. And a single bamboo top handle with a slightly different interior, and the hibiscus red gusset.


Nymphaea, with its name derived from the aquatic plant water lily of the nymphea genus, is designed from Greek and Latin myths, involving pearls. So it helps explain my questions why there are cream pearl details on the handles.


These bags, unlike what we’ve been so used to with Gucci, come with the suede micro fiber lining that we’ve seen them use in other bags.


The photos in this post is the Medium size. Small size fans can enjoy the Nymphaea double bamboo handles in small. So far no signs of a smaller single handle bamboo. If the bag isn’t already confusing for you, there are Nymphaea zip around wallets too, and all Nymphaea products are adorned with pearl details.


Images from Gucci.


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