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Your Daily Slings: LV’s Reporter Messenger

All you need is something not too big, not too small; something juuust

What it really comes down to is your daily essentials. And in your daily life that grab bag is what gets you through your days. I always thought the word essentials means so much: keys to the house that keeps you safe and warm, wallets that allow you to carry your identification and access money to buy things, even the anti-bacterial spray that keeps you safe from germs is ever so important! Things that make you feel so bad to lose.

So these small things only deserve a luxurious place to put them on. And with our on-the-go lives where we show up where we need to be, the LV Reporter sling bag is just what you might need.


Ombre leather in either tan (Acajour) or encre (Navy Blue). Love how they have some aged patina effect on the bags. It makes it a bit more carefree and ready to age in its everyday adventures with you. Its spacious interior and just the right pockets makes it a functional bag, and the quiet embossed VVV makes it an under the radar piece so it’s not too much of a conversation piece (unless you keep the monogram luggage tag on).

Images from Louis Vuitton.

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