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Twist Leather Cross-body Bags

There’s a new Twist in town.


The Valextra Twist is so beautiful (I raved about it in an earlier post.) And it’s nice to see that a new Twist is in town, as a cross-body sling.


Its signature sleek lines are still present, and in its smaller form factor, and that’s all the detail you need. The absence of flashy hardware, aside from the necessary buckles and sling connectors, makes the bag very minimalist. And with all the monograms and distinct hardware on flagship bags out there, it’s so refreshing to have a bag like this.


The interior is a nice surprise. A good pop of bright color, with just the right zippered pocket and pocket slits. True to Valextra’s minimalist style cues, it’s as svelte outside as it is inside.


Sometimes all the iconic bags from top luxury brands can make you so fatigued. So under the radar bags are like a blessing in the market of big brand names.


Shop on Valextra’s website or drop by Matches Fashion!

Images from MatchesFashion.

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