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Move Over Clic Clacs: En Boucles Are Here!

Because a little bit of jewelry never hurt nobody.


Hermès is not just about legendary leather goods, there’s a nice selection of jewelry that many bag aficionados look into also. Though there are popular ones, like the metallic/enamel Clic H and Clic Clac Hs, or leather bracelets such as the Kelly Double Tours (among many others),  there’s an interestingly wonderful world of bling from the French fashion house. And it’s wonderful to find that there is a campaign promoting a new line of metallic/leather bracelets you just might need.


Hermèsistible found its way in my inbox from the Hermès’ Newsletter. And boy was I happy to come upon this! These En Boucles are colorful enamel palladium/gold clasp bracelets in PM, MM, GM widths that can spice up a simple outfit, or simply complement the bag of the day.


If you’re interested, head on over to Hermès’ catalogue online or drop by the nearest H store and come out with an orange box!

Images from Hermès.


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