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Loewe Military Leather Messenger Bag

Loewe is a Spanish baby in the global fashion stage, and sometimes it just surprises you from nowhere.


The brand is sometimes a hit and miss. It would try to compete with trends but barely makes waves, or it would come out with something underratedly ingenius and it can drive you crazy. Loewe is penchant to playing tricks, like the Puzzle bag, which feels more like a fancy gimmick and a something akin to curiousity losing sight of where it really shines: their unique way of coming out with classics that just suits anyone perfectly.


So when you come across a bag so perfectly simple, with just the right edit of bells and whistles, it’s hard to scoff and put a pass on this fashion brand. It will take time to put its stamp in the global fashion scene. How wonderful then it is to come across a messenger by Loewe so elegant that it might just be the under-the-radar piece to add to your daily busy lives?


The suede lining gives you that raw leather feel, and the interior gives way to lots of room for your daily essentials. Its adjustable, wide straps makes it look just the right level of masculinity. And the fact that Loewe uses full leather for the straps makes it even more luxurious. (Other brands cheat with cotton slings!)


Buckles can be a blessing or a curse, unless there are built in alternatives. Sometimes having actual buckle clasps makes a bag hell to use, because it’s so hard to get in and out of. You can opt to use them of course so you can secure your items inside, but if you think it’s getting too much in the way, this bag has a magnetic clasp too, making the flaps easy to flip open when you need them to be (without losing the security of a well buckled bag).

Impressed? Shop now at Mr. Porter! The calf skin leather isn’t going to patina itself, you know!

Images from Mr. Porter.

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