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Be A Square: Gucci Leather Tote

Trends come and go, but there’s nothing wrong sticking with the classics. So when something likes this comes to view, it’s always a good decision to add it to your collection.


Gucci Signature embossed Leather Tote


The Gucci Leather Tote comes in modest variety of colors. There the black signature embossed leather you see above, a red version below, and a grainy leather tote with a small hint of Gucci’s web.


Red Gucci Signature


Gucci Leather Tote with Web

This perfectly square bag doesn’t make you boring, though. It’s just that silent sophistication that is just always in style. Its cross-body sling allows you to carry it over the shoulder, or use it briefcase style with the double rolled handles.


The bag is an open tote, allowing you to easily breeze in and out of the bag. And like the Bamboo Shoppers and many new bags coming out this year, there’s a middle zippered compartment that serves as a structural key element folding gussets inward, and a bag organizer at the same time: cutting the bag in half, giving you two compartment interiors.


There aren’t any fancy hardware or appliqués on the bag, making it a refreshing choice from Gucci. So if you prefer carrying something that’s practically not a show piece, this bag should serve you well in and out of your day.


Do you prefer showpiece bags, or simpler ones like the Gucci Leather Totes? There’s a strong monogram game this 2016, so embossed could be a good way to be on point but also under the radar. But then, there’s always the simple grained leathers doing away with logos for the discerning taste of a gentleman.

Images from Gucci.


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