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Suede Camou Sac De Jour

Ok, get this: camou painted suede leather. CAMOU PAINTED SUEDE LEATHER!


Sac De Jours come and go with smooth and stamped variations. We’ve seen suede ones in older seasons too. There’ve been attempt with croc stamped suedes, but I never really fell for it. But look and behold, what is this? Suede leather has always been sexy, but camou painted suede? Beautiful.


Trimmings are smooth black leather, which is a nice contrast to all the prints. Even the sling is printed camouflage/army print suede. And it’s a great pop of color across your body in case you carry your SDJs this way.


The accordion sides are also suede. And in any suede bag, watch where you put it down! It’s a magnet for so many elements sticking to its fluffy surfaces, and that’s just how suede wears. I happen to like it, and in a printed surface, it’s going to make the leather age so well.


In newer Sac De Jours, the lining is smooth leather, with exposed hardware showing internal studs and D rings where shoulder straps are clamped on.


And just like the newer models, the middle comparment can be snapped off to serve as an envelope sized clutch, which can take you from day to night in this bag.


At the time of this writing, these Sac De Jours are for pre-order. And this speaks to you, don’t let it pass.

Images from Barney’s.

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