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Are You Up For Python? Givenchy Python Antigona

Antigonas have become a fashion staple. At this point we have one or know someone who has one in simple plain colors. So perhaps it’s about time to go exotic in the bag we’ve been loving all these years.


What isn’t there to love with an Antigona? Its Medium size is perfectly spacious for your day, either work or play. But when it comes to python, which has caught my fancy from time to time, seeing it on an Antigona makes me fawn and swoon all over.


Python is a polarizing taste on leather in hand bag materials. Over time the skin lifts, and over time the bag gets a texture that is unique with scaley skin – bumps and flakes all over, especially the handles.503441272_3_bagback

I can only imagine how python changes over time, especially the back, where the bag rubs most around your body when you carry it. That’s how python ages, and just like any type of leather, they wear.


This looks to be sporting an older model hardware, because if you haven’t caught up with the news yet, they recently tweaked the hardware, making the shoulder sling detachable when originally they were unremovable.503441272_4_bagopen

Would you add a python to your collection? I surely wouldn’t mind. It’s so beautiful and far more reasonably priced than croc Antigonas (naturally), but just as exotic. One and only left at Barney’s.

Images from Barney’s New York.


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