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Prada Men’s Tote

That’s the thing with Prada. There are no kitschy names. It’s just called Tote.


The thing is: Prada’s older collections are buried in the back room of internet search engines because, well, they don’t have any significant bag names, making them difficult to pull up when putting out a search (unless you know the codes).

Though lately, Prada’s new women’s handbag lines are fighting the bad inventory database by having better, more distinct, SEO friendly product names (Corsaire, Bibliothèque among others), the men’s lines still lag behind the generic terms such as weekenders, messenger bags, and totes.

Setting aside poor names, Prada is working its way to be back to the top of consumer minds in the bag space. Which brings me to their e-Store. We were so happy to see Louis Vuitton’s new Sac Plat. But did you know, all the while, that Prada has a similar tote?

They range from simple North-South totes, to those with extra pockets and zippered compartments, and zippered openings. All Saffiano, all beautiful!


Don’t even get me started with the color choices. All of them come with leather hangtags that can be monogrammed with your initials. Making the totes all the more personal and ever so much more mysteriously enviable when people see it in your arms.

Though Prada seems to have lost their luster over the years as the brand to go for bags, it feels as though they are trying their hardest to jump back in. Hopefully the brand can sustain and claw their way into the arms of Millenials, and not just middle-aged matrons.

Images from Prada.

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