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Cherishing the Classics: Gucci Boston Vintage Web

Gucci can come up with fantastical prints each season sure, but there’s no beating the Gucci Classics. Case in point, the Gucci Boston with Vintage Web.

Gucci Boston with Vintage Web.jpg

There’s a lot to compare this bag to Louis Vuitton‘s Speedys. But the Gucci Boston is a bag of its own. And the bags full leather body, with the web trim makes it so Gucci at a glance without even needing monograms.


Even before Speedy Bandoulièrs came out, Gucci’s long sported the detachable sling for Bostons. It’s a nice option, and it’s nice to take off something in case you don’t use it or have a need for.


The bag has a wide depth and has a nominally tall body, allowing you to have a lot of room for your everday things.


The bag opens nicely to a beige colored fabric lining. Why it’s not black is a mystery. But lighter colored interiors allow easier ways to find things inside a bag. So it could be a bad thing if you are fond of spilling colored stuff inside your bag, or a good thing if you find it too dark locating an item in your bag’s deep abyss.

Invest on classics and you won’t regret it!

Images from Gucci.


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