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Louis Vuitton’s Women’s #SS17

Petite Malles. Reverse Monograms. iPhone Cases. Leather Damier.


Somehow, Louis Vuitton’s teaser pics on Instagram on leather goods were far much more interesting than the actual show’s handbag lineup. The wardrobe is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But the handbags didn’t seem to shine for me. Of course that doesn’t matter, because Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection will be so well placed and so well marketed that it’s almost impossible for the French luxury fashion house to miss a runaway hit.

There are evident design cues hailing from trunks of course, a nod to LV’s heritage and Nicholas’ mark in Louis Vuitton’s world as the Creative Director. The Petite Malles continue to be represented. The Twist locks continue to make a presence (I had thought that they were one/two/three seasons gone, but I guess they’re still here as the new classic). And I see some provisions to allow consumers to clasp on the ever growing market for individual strap purchases so you can carry your individual styles in tow.

Ready for a mega post? Here we go!

iPhone Trunk Cases

They must have missed out on the slightly new form factor of the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus. But that should be an easy thing to address. Not sure if any other phone models other than the iPhone will be covered by Louis Vuitton, but it’s wonderful that they’ve caught up with what Gucci and Fendi’s been doing so far (their current options aren’t very good). We can see them in crocodile leather,  monogram (classic, reversed, illusion, and GOLD!). It also has a hanging clochette that serves as earphone holders. (They look to be positioned to the 3.5 mm jack most iPhones have, but Apple popularly nixed that in its latest iPhones.)


Petite Malles

This is Nicolas Ghesquière’s show of course. And his mark at Louis Vuitton could very well be the reinvention of the trunk turned clutch: Petite Malles. Naturally, these are in active production and innovation. There are reverse monogram coated canvases, braided details, leather versions of Damier patterns, and shorter (and thicker) detachable slings. You’ll notice that in some Petite Malle styles, the hardware is much more subdued.



I thought the Twist bag and its unusual hardware was going to be a short run. But it seems to still be here. The difference it has on other flap bags is you could actually take off the sling of these babies (if you’re brave enough to manipulate the leather part of the sling.) So seeing these Twist bags have a shorter slings doesn’t bother me so much. And convinces me even more that it’s a ploy to get more reasons to buy LV straps they sell separately.


New Clutches

They may already be existing, but I don’t watch the clutch space well, so feel free to correct me in thinking the designs are new. Some of the Owl lines LV came out some time ago get another run. Reverse Monograms are really pushing it. But I think the leather stitched checkered Damiers are really the innovative materials that strikes another win for Nicholas.


New Bags

And we reach the minority of the runway accessories. The new bags. Of which I found a bit odd. There are long North/South totes reminiscent of Christian Louboutin’s Celebrating the LV Monogram piece. There’s a Neverfull-looking bag that has a much structured handle that I’m not fond of. And the chained up Volta looking bag with chains.


I’m happy that the Mens’ SS17 show was much more exciting for me (but I didn’t get to cover it – so sorry!) as far as bags go. But again, the #LVSS17 show was amazing. Just the bags didn’t get as much attention as shoes and clothes did!

Images from Vogue.

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