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Dionysus Bamboo Top Handle

Gucci and bamboo has always been a love affair. So it’s nice to see the new Gucci bringing back the old Gucci into the present.


The fabulous changes Alessandro Michele introduced when he took the Creative Director position in Gucci on 2015 has led to breathing new life into the brand: RTW, shoes, and of course bags. So bit by bit, the heritage (or boring) direction was shut down, in order to open a new door for years to come. (So sad to see the Gucci Bamboo Shoppers go!)

So to see the Dionysus line with a bamboo top handle nods to the Gucci journey the house was made famous for. And it’s comforting for classic lovers like me that they haven’t completely abandoned Gucci’s yesteryear milestones.


The accordion sides telltales a very structured bag. And it is definitely a stiff structured bag. You can choose to hold the bamboo by hand. The handles are bumpy, but smooth to the touch. Or carry through the arm, which tends to dig to the skin, but a sleeve can solve that problem. Though you can get used to it in time even without a sleeve.


It sports a star-studded, adjustable, web shoulder sling. In Gucci talk, a web it its green and red stripe.

Careful where you put down the bag! There aren’t any bag feet to keep the base protected, so the hard edges – which is the leather itself (which is heavily glazed on the edges) – can get beaten up over time. It’s always my saying that “you treat a bag well and it will continue to look great, but you treat it like garbage and it will look like trash.


Where it shines is in the interior. A middle slit compartment zippered at the top, pockets in front and on the back, and two interiors split in the middle. It’s just a bit tight with the gussets folding in, and filling it to the brim makes it difficult to clasp the flap to the front, so pick your bag contents with consideration. With the light colored interiors too, watch what you put inside if you are the kind who nit-pick on color cleanliness.


It’s a beautiful bag. The handle makes it oh so Gucci. And although my favorite Bamboo Shoppers have hit the end of life, at least Gucci keeps the bamboo handles in the newer styles, making me feel a little less left behind!

Images from Gucci.


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